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Viscri 125 - Certified Eco-Romania

125, Viscri, Bunești, Romania

Originally conceived as a good location for a children's camp, Viscri 125 began its story in 2007, when the owners, Mihai and Raluca, who came from the capital, passed the hill from Fagaras, where they were looking for a holiday home, and settled. by chance in Viscri, the village where it is difficult to reach, but it is worth the effort. At 10 years from that moment, the guesthouse charms guests with its appearance, which has retained traditional elements, but especially through the Viscri 125 experience: relaxed atmosphere, friendship, crafts and crafts workshops, truffle hunting, sheep walking, lazing in the hammock or up, on a haystack, freshly gathered.

+40 748 053 147

Viscri 125

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