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Valchid Guesthouse

Valchid, Romania

Valchid Guest House or "oasis of relaxation and peace" between the transylvanian highlands where nature still has an unique charm and authenticity as if forgotten in times of legend.

Located at the crossroads between Sighișoara (UNESCO site), Mediaș, Biertan (UNESCO site), Copșa Mare, Mălâncrav, or Hoghilag, also called "the land of tuberoses", this guesthouse, built in 1905, has been completely renovated, keeping the Saxon style down to the last detail.

The owners wish to offer travelers all the comfort of a peaceful stay in the rustic landscape preserved to this day. Guests can be completely independent or they can try traditional homemade local dishes, prepared by the women of the village. We have two rooms for four people, a courtyard with a gazebo where you can make a campfire and / or you can use for "smart remote working".

+40 744 326 339, +40 369 402 807

Valchid Guesthouse

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