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La Hansi în Criț

Criț 507036, Romania

The houses have been carefully restored, with great care to the history and customs of the Saxons who built and inhabited them, in order to preserve their charm and authentic character.

The guest houses form a household, as it probably could have functioned within the Saxon village. The interiors are decorated in a peasant-Saxon style with restored old furniture, in the style of the Haferland area, as it is called.

The Big guest house ("Casa Mare") can welcome guests in 6 rooms, with two or three beds, with private bathrooms.

Families may be more confortable in one of the three houses available: one with three double rooms and a shared bathroom, a second one with two double rooms and a shared bathroom and a third, with a triple room, private bathroom and kitchenette.

+40 743 067 402

La Hansi

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