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Cobor Biodiversity Farm

DC13, Cobor 507231, Romania

The village of Cobor and its surroundings are the perfect combination of pastures with high natural value, biodiversity conservation, organic farming, an ideal destination for tourism and business and a wonderful place for horses and cattle. The farm is a successful green business model, which aims to develop the local community, in a perfect balance with nature. At Cobor you will rediscover a 12th century village, where you can reconnect with nature.

At Ferma Cobor you can stay in two of the houses in the village, abandoned a few years ago, but which have been transformed into comfortable and modern guest houses. Each old piece of reused wood or stone tells an old story, which comes back to life with the traditional restoration of the house.

In total, at Cobor you have 37 places, arranged in 10 rooms.

+40 770 963 238

Cobor Farm, Daniel Secărescu, Cristina Iliescu, Mădălina Corina Diaconu

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