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Copsamare Guesthouses

Nr. 128, Nr. 216, Nr. 154, Nr. 146, Copșa Mare, Biertan, Romania

The guesthouses in Copșa Mare, located just 2 km from Biertan, are an excellent example of the inexplicable magic that seeps into the souls of travelers in the Saxon villages and doesn't let them leave. The owners are not Romanian, they do not live here permanently, their daily life taking them across three continents, but for them, Copșa Mare is home. This is how the tourists feel as well when they cross the threshold of these beautiful houses, restored with respect for traditional architecture, down to the smallest details.

Once they pass through the gate of any of the three houses, guests step into a timeless world that flows according to different norms and has that sense of safety and comfort of the parental home.


+40 746 046 200

Giovanna Bassetti

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