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Convivium Transilvania

Criț 507036, Romania

Named after the Latin term for the main Roman meal meant to be enjoyed with friends, Convivium Transilvania awaits its guests in an 18th century Saxon house of a former beekeeper, renovated with care, love and attention to every detail. .

The house consists of a large two-room apartment, a living room and two bathrooms, that can easily accommodate a group or a family (3-5 people). It is located on the ground floor and has its own entrance. A second apartment consisting of two adjoining bedrooms with a double bed can accommodate 4-6 people, and in the adjoining building there are three separate bedrooms, all with private bathroom. 

The old barn and workshops have been transformed into an open area, which hosts the Transylvania Culinary Academy, which offers traditional cuisine from the area and organizes various activities.

+40 721 240 459

Convivium Transilvania

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