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Cincșor Transylvania Guesthouses

DJ105 206, Cincșor, Romania

You will enjoy a place filled with beautiful stories - the former school and evangelical parish house in Cincșor form a space marked by over 600 years of community history, conceived and imagined by the architect Fritz Balthes, a brilliant Transylvanian architect, who left us innovative works from the dawn of the XXth century. The Art Nouveau building of the former school is surprising by its simplicity, functionality, elegance, the ornaments reduced to the essence, the care for every detail and for the future users.

Some of the rooms are furnished with authentic Cincsor furniture and offer modern comfort!

The former parish house, probably built long before 1600, has become an architectural gem, with spacious rooms, with Transylvanian Renaissance frescoes discovered after the restoration - open to visitors and guests.

The ensemble includes the old school, the old parish house and two guest houses, with a total of four bedrooms, three two-level rooms and five en-suite rooms, seating and lounge areas (one is actually the old teacher's room), a beautiful library and a spacious veranda and bright for serving meals.

+40 744 373 090

Cincșor Transylvania Guesthouses

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