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Casa Noah

Nr. 92

Paul Hemmerth's soul project, Noah's House, is a place with stories and stories written every day. Paul was born in Mediaş and lived for a long time in Germany, but from the moment he returned to the country, he knew that he was home here. The Yellow House and the Green House bear a generic name: Noah's House, after the old story of Noah from Richiș - by his real name Martin Schaas, who raced his way through the rain, from the marmalade to the house, in the wooden box - a gift for his wife what was waiting for him.

If you want to know the whole story and have an experience for the soul, Casa Noah is waiting for you with 7 rooms and 15 places, to try the slow tourism.

+40 742 980 250, +40 758 059 859, +49 171 41 55 618

Casa Noah

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