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Valea Viilor fortified church

The Cinderella of the UNESCO sites in Transylvanian Highlands, less famous, but equally beautiful, the fortified church in Valea Viilor is like a rough diamond, which is just waiting to be discovered. 

Due to the architectural value and fortification system preserved almost entirely, the building was inscribed in 1999 on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

It is easy to reach Valea Viilor, because it is located on the road that connects Sighisoara to Sibiu, 14 km south-west from Mediaş - the signs are visible. Its name is obviously connected to the multitude of vineyards in the region, which is otherwise common for the entire Târnavelor area.

As you set foot in the village, the profile of the 14th century fortified church greets you silent and humble, without revealing the treasures inside. Built, like many other evangelical churches in Transylvania, on the ruins of a Romanesque basilica, the church in Valea Viilor was originally dedicated to Saint Peter. The church has survived many attacks, sieges and earthquakes. Therefore it has lost some of its ornaments, such as the 1446 chapel dedicated to St. Cyriacus (Chiriac or Țiriac). However, you can still admire the beautiful altar sculpted by a craftsman from Sighisoara, the baptistery, the tabernacle, the pulpit or hersa, all dating from the 16th-17th centuries.

Visiting hours: by appointment only 

The keys are at Mr. Michael Weber

Phone: +40 745 519 173 


Photo credit:

Fundaţia Biserici Fortificate, Primăria Valea Viilor

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