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The ashes of the UNESCO sites in the Transylvanian Hills, less famous, but equally beautiful, the fortified church in Valea Viilor commune is a diamond in the rough, which is just waiting to be discovered in all its splendor. Through the village a stream of water with beautiful stories flows smoothly, which you can find from many of the elders of the commune with less than 2000 souls. Today the world of Vorumloc (in Romanian) knows it, Wormloch in Saxony (in fact, similar to the place name for the locality: Wurmloch), repectively Baromlaka ("Fair of Vines") in Hungarian, the stream links in 6 km the two villages of the commune: Motiș [I78] and Valea Viilor.   As you set foot in the village, the profile of the fortified church from the 14th century welcomes you quietly, modestly, without revealing the treasure it hides and for which it has been included in UNESCO's heritage since 1999. Another interesting thing about the Valea Viilor is its indirect presence in Herte Müller's novel Atemschaukel (awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2009) - The character Sarah Kaunz was a Saxon from Wurmloch (Val di Viilor) and was deported to the Soviet Union. together with "the other Sarah" - Sarah Wandschneider, from Kastenholz (Cașolț [I79]).   Accession: At Valea Viilor you arrive from the national road, which connects Mediaş to Sibiu, following the specific road signs.   Discover in Valea Viilor - The local ecomuseum circuit, part of the Sibiu regional Ecomuseum. The information center in the locality offers you information about the most beautiful places to stay, to eat, to walk and to stop. - The museum dedicated to Saxon culture, at the entrance to the fortified church - The Orthodox Church - Come in June, at a beautiful festival of music and traditions, dedicated to a son of the village, with whom the community is proud: the composer Marțian Negrea. Born at the end of the 19th century, in Valea Viilor, Marțian Negrea studied in Sibiu and Vienna and had a varied compositional repertoire, from chamber music, to piano pieces, vocal-symphonic music and even film music. He has created many famous musical compositions, among which, the symphonic suite in 4 parts Stories from Grui which depicts the lives of the people from Valea Viilor, with their daily activities, customs and traditions. The composer's memorial house is waiting for you. - Also in June, you have part of the Spring Cup, with sports competitions for the little ones - May - June - Take a stroll behind the gardens, on the small “Burhi”, to enjoy a beautiful panorama over the village

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