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Valea Viilor is the main village of the commune with the same name in Sibiu County. The locality is first mentioned in history in the year 1263 as "posessio Barwmlak."

You can reach Valea Viilor from the national road that connects Mediaș to Sibiu by following the specific road signs.

The Saxon name of the village comes from the dialect of the Central German language, composed of the words "Urm" (snake) and "Loh" (forest), meaning "Snake Forest." The village prides itself on one of the most impressive and largest fortified churches. Archaeological excavations bring material evidence of habitation dating back to ancient times.

The fortified evangelical church in Valea Viilor was built as a Roman Catholic church in the 15th century, dedicated to St. Peter. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in Romania. The visiting schedule is as follows:

- Monday - Saturday: 10:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00

- Sunday: by prior announcement

Contact: Michael Weber, Tel: +40 745 519 173

Valea Viilor is a hidden gem of Transylvania, with a rich history and picturesque atmosphere. You can explore the local circuit of the eco-museum and visit the museum dedicated to Saxon culture. In June, join the festival dedicated to composer Marțian Negrea, born in Valea Viilor, and don't miss his memorial house. Additionally, during this period, the Spring Cup takes place, featuring sports competitions for all ages. For a beautiful panoramic view of the village, hike up the "Burhi" hill.

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