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Certified at the beginning of the 14th century, the settlement of Saschiz (Keisd) was a locality successively populated mostly with Szeklers, Saxons and Romanians, always competing with the fortress of Sighisoara in the medieval period. The late Gothic hall church was erected between 1493 and 1525 on the site of a Romanesque basilica, being provided with a defense supported by high buttresses. The vault of the ship was rebuilt in 1878, and the interior furniture predominantly belongs to the Baroque style, the only main element in the Gothic style, remaining the choir. Fragments of inscriptions were kept on the exterior walls. Only the north tower was preserved from the fortification wall that surrounded the church, which in 1677 was provided with a striking strip, similar to that of the clock tower in Sighisoara.         · Visiting program: May - October: daily, 9am - 6pm November-April: daily, 9am - 4.30pm · For a guided tour of the church or just for the keys, you can contact Mrs. Dorothea Batea-Ziegler - tel .: +40 265 711 755 and +40 748 707 930, address: Saschiz, no. 497   Accession: The Saschiz is located in the S-E part of the Tîrnavelor Plateau, at the foot of some forested hills, 20 km from the city of Sighisoara on the European road E60 and 100 km from Brasov.     Discover in Saschiz · The peasant fortress dates from the 20th century. XIV, about 2 km from the village. Many local legends are linked to it - as well as the fortress belonged to a virgin who, having no descendants, would have given it to the villagers, as well as leaving a secret tunnel from the city to the village. But the Saschiz hides other mysteries, such as those related to the giants that would have had a fortress here. walk to the Peasant Refugee Fortress is 2 km away and was built to shelter the invaders from the inhabitants of Saschiz and 6 other villages (some are missing today). In addition to the monuments and authentic aspect of the church and the village, part of the UNESCO heritage, which is impressive in Saschiz is the community, which is still alive and you will love it if you stay more than one night here. Tasting of jams and spicy pickles at the House on the hill, of syrups of native fruits from Pivnița Bunicii [I54] or zacusca from SES Fruleco HNV [I55] ADEPT Transilvania information center, near the entrance to the church yard - here you can buy local products - tel .: +40 265 711 635 Pottery lesson, optimism and courage to do what is dear to your soul, from Marinel, the youngest craftsman from the Transylvanian Hills, who will introduce you to the lesser known but wonderful mysteries of the Saschiz pottery. Pottery workshops can be done individually or with friends, only on a reservation basis at least 24 hours in advance. Contact: +40 265 711 733 or by email at · The Rhubarb holiday, organized by the Neighborhood of Women in Saschiz [I56] - on the first Saturday of May · Transylvania Bike Trail Race [I57] - bicycle marathon for all ages - third Saturday in August · Musical Brunch, in July, part of the Haferland Week program   Be active in a protected area and discover the surrounding hills on foot, by cart or by bicycle, which if you do not have with you, you can rent [I58] from the village pensions. Here are some recommended routes: o Saschiz - Meşendorf, blue band route + red band + red cross o Saschiz - Şapartoc, blue band + red band route o Saschiz - Daia, blue band route + red band + blue band o Saschiz - Archita, blue band route + blue cross o Saschiz - Sighişoara, red trail path For more routes, see recommended routes [I59] or or plan your own route [I60]

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