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Basalt columns from Racoş

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Located on the bank of Olt, one hour away from Brasov and less than 30 minutes from Rupea, the small village of Racoş houses a castle, an extinct volcano, wonderful basalt columns and an emerald lake. The natural area is located in the southeastern part of Transylvania (where the Harghita, Perșani and Baraolt mountains meet), not far from the county road (DJ131C) that connects the villages of Racoș and Augustin. 

Basalt columns from Racoș (nature monument) and the entire geological complex from Racoşul de Jos, are protected areas of national interest corresponding to the IUCN III category (geological type nature reserve). 

The natural reserve with an area of 1.10 ha, was declared a protected area in 2000 and represents massive basalt columns, with a geology characterized by the presence of lava flows attributed to the Quaternary. 

Also in Racoş: do not miss a visit to the emerald lake of Brazi career where the view is wonderful. The lake has a depth of about 10 m and 100 m long and formed as a result of rainwater accumulation, where 10 years ago basalt was exploited. 

Do not miss the extinct volcano, which is said to be the last volcano in the Carpathian mountain range, which would have ended its activity about 10,000 years ago. 

Also visit the ruins of the Sükősd-Betheln castle or the remains of the Dacian fortress dating from the 1st century BC. 


Lower Racoşul Geological Complex 46 ° 01′50 ″ N 25 ° 25′02 ″ E 

Basalt rocks 46 ° 01'33.5 "N 25 ° 25'30.5" E 

The ruins of the Dacian fortress: 46 ° 01′24 ″ N 25 ° 25′14 ″ E 

The extinct volcano: 46 ° 01'55.1 "N 25 ° 25'06.0" E

How to Visit:

Racoș can be reached following the road sign from DN13 / E60 Brașov - Sighișoara and then on DJ 131C for 10 km. 

From the village, follow the specific signs.

The place can be visited best hiking, cycling or horseback riding. 

For guided tours, call Guides or local agencies.

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