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Wonderful pastures with secular trees

Old trees are an iconic component of pastures with trees. 

The age of the old trees can exceed half a millennium - they have witnessed and survived many changes that have taken place in human societies, landscapes and climatic conditions. Old trees on pastures have a lot of values, including economic, cultural, aesthetic, historical and ecological. The old trees have their stories, they have inspired artists and poets contributing to the creation of cultural elements with universal value. Many old trees have names, such as 'Avram's Oak', 'Stefan's Oak', 'Eminescu's linden' or locally 'Banciu Oak' (Alma Vii), 'Batrân Tree' (Dăișoara), 'Adam and Eve' (near Rupea). Sometimes the old trees are called 'veterans', in recognition of their ability to survive - they have been 'silent witnesses' to events of historical importance. 

The importance of secular trees for birds, insects and other organisms is disproportionately high compared to the younger trees, a large number of species protected legally using the stumps of these trees as feeding, nesting or sheltering habitats. They are key structures in the ecosystems they belong to, making them among the most important habitats throughout Europe. Protecting these values, we allow future generations to inherit and value them according to their needs - which may be qualities and meanings that we, today, do not perceive yet or perceive them negatively. 

Preserving the old trees, including the hollow ones, will give future generations the chance to align (or re-align) their values to these important elements of the cultural landscapes we have.

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You can admire pastures with secular trees in many places in Transylvanian Highlands, almost on every tourist trail that you can go on hiking, cycling or horseback riding.

For guided tours and customized experiences, call Guides or local agencies.

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