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Protected areas in the Transylvanian Highlands are home to some of the last populations of wolves and brown bears in depressed Europe. The wild boar, the Carpathian deer and the wild cat live in all wooded areas. Very often you will come across deer, rabbits, foxes, big cats, common hamsters and badgers and even brown bears. More difficult to see, but equally spectacular are the 12 bat species, two of which are protected at European level.

In Transylvanian Highlands we have 🐻27 species of mammals, of which 5 of European interest, 26 species of bats = 84% of the total known species in Romania, 10 of them being of European interest. Images with biodiversity from Transylvanian Highlands.

Hiking, cycling, horseback riding - no entry fees.

Because this is an area where wild animals are free, we DO NOT reccommend that you travel alone - a minimum group of 3-4 people is more suitable. Make some (not too much) noise, talk loudly, so that the wild animals can become aware of your presence in their habitat. They instinctively will avoid human contact. 

We strongly recommend you use local guides.

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