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Lakes in Brădeni village

25 km south from Sighișoara, on the road to Agnita, there are popular sport fishing areas, but few know that they shelter more than 15%  of the total species recorded in the country.  A favorite nesting place for migratory birds coming to the area, these natural lakes located in the heart of the destination regularly host over 20,000 migratory water birds. 

Surrounded by a massive reed belt (3-4 m), they offer a perfect place for the „maternity” of these species. The red and gray stingray, the red duck – globally threatened species – the black stew or the summer swan can be observed in Brădeni.

One of the lakes also allows sport fishing with classic old fashion fishing rod (not with modern and more harmfull rods).

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The lakes are reachable by car, foot, bicycle.

For guided tours, call Guides or local agencies. 

Access to fishing lakes is made after paying a fee.

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