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Cross Country Farm

Prod, com. Hoghilag, jud Sibiu

+40 369 086012, +40 755 659118

Languages spoken:

Romanian, English, German

Cross Country Farm is more than a farm, a territory delimited by fences, water or forests, surrounded by hills or located on the edge of Prod village, Hoghilag commune in Sibiu county.

More than a guesthouse with 6 rooms where nature lovers come to ride and admire this divine animal in its complete happiness, in freedom. 

It is the very land where the dream of one man materialized not as in a fairy tale, but after years of work and countless work and relentless attempts. 

The farm, like a fruitful tree, first took root, then grew, produced the first fruits and now awaits the passing of the years for an increasingly rich harvest. It has variety apples, Sun, water and lots of love.

By appointment only – at least 48 hours in advance

More information can be found on the farm's website or Facebook page.

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