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Accession: Richiş is located on DJ 141B, 5 km from Biertan [I44].   The village of Richiş is surrounded by terraced hills on which the vine was once cultivated. The fruitful land favorable to agriculture and viticulture brought the well-being of the locality, hence the name "Reichesdorf-Richvini-Richiş" ("The village of the rich"). The rich people boast that they are a rich village, that they are a Saxon village, that they are full of foreigners - Germans, French, Dutch - moved to them in the village. The rich people boast of a church removed from the patterns of Saxon fortified churches. They say that it was a monastery and that the Cistercians from Cârţa built it. Legends are many from the beginning, to the pelican on the coat of arms, and even to the Russian soldiers who came to them in `45. They also have a perfect storyteller, old Schaas, the curator of the church. tel .: +40/269/258 429, address: Richiș, no. 87   The Richiş evangelical church, built in the 15th century. XIV and protected by an enclosure wall with two defense towers and a watchtower, it is special not only because of the extraordinary personality of its curator, Mr. Schaas, but also some special features: · A monastic order lodged for a period of time, whose monks were banished by the villagers from Richiș during the Reformation · Has a special ornamentation of the other churches in the area, such as the masks that decorate the vault keys · The sacristy has a more complicated lock made by the hand of the craftsman, not of the calf, as is the famous one from Biertan, according to Mr. Schaas.     Discover in Richiş! - A visit to the Christian Rummel Traveling Carpenter's Workshop [C45] - +40 745 329 254, +40 767 742 327, +40 269 258 401, - To visit the information center near the entrance to the church - A stroll through the village - A wine tasting of Richiș at the Andrei family - appointments at +40 269 258 423, - Transylvania Book Festival, held every few years, in several villages around Biertan - IconArts Festival - in July you enjoy classical and contemporary music in the fortified church yard at   Be active in a protected area and discover the surrounding hills on foot, by cart or by bicycle, which if you do not have with you, you can rent [I46] from the village pensions. Here are some options: o Richiş - Azel, [I47] blue lane route o Richiş - Biertan [I48], blue cross + red cross o Richiş - Pelişor [I49] - blue cross + red cross + red band For more routes, see recommended routes [I50] or or plan your own route [I51]

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