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Oak forest from Dosul Fânațului

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Another wonderful forest, this time a bit larger (108 ha), can be found not far from the village of Felmer, in Dosul Fânaţului. 

It is located on the slopes with southern exposure, crossed on some places by stabilized riverbeds, at an altitude of 490-590 meters, on clay-maroon deposits. 

The site is crossed by the old road that connected the towns of Făgăraş and Rupea during the Austro-Hungarian Empire (now abandoned, but relatively well preserved). 

The natural structure is remarkably conserved, including various species such as hornbeam, field maples, bird cherry, European wild pear, small-leaved lime, field elm, beech, wildprivet, hawthorn, different types of spindle trees, dogrose, hazel meadow, dogwood, wayfaring tree or black elder. 

Look for the bigger trees - up to 60-70cm in diameter and heights up to 23-25m. 

Coordinates: 45°53′26″N 25°02′35″E

How to Visit:

Pe jos sau pe bicicletă, urmând traseul marcat cruce roșie, din Felmer spre Șona, iar din zona La Comoară, se coboară pe Valea Fânețelor.

You can visit the area hiking, cycling, horseback riding - free of charge 

For guided tours, call Guides or local agencies.

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