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Viscri 32 - White Barn

32, Viscri 507039, Romania

Transylvanian gastronomy: Local ingredients from small producers, old recipes, patiently cooked according to Slow Food principles: good, clean, fair.

Set in a restored barn and the old orchard behind it, the restaurant uses ingredients gathered each week from a small network of nearby farmers, peasants and small cooperatives.

The menu is changed daily or weekly depending on the ingredients collected and is based on old Transylvanian recipes, cooked traditionally or reinterpreted.

Throughout the year, Viscri 32 hosts artisan product tastings and cooking sessions with guest chefs who use gastronomic folklore as a source of inspiration. In the spring and autumn, events are organized where biologists guide guests up the hills and through the forests to learn about the wild flora and to gather mushrooms, herbs and medicinal plants.


Phone Number:


+40 755 084 084


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Viscri 32

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