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Mysterious man-made like mounds

Intriguing and silent, they draw your attention to the appearance of mounds or earth elevations, arranged in groups. 

You can find them almost everywhere in this area, but the most beautiful you can see are at Apold, Saschiz (near Sighisoara), Movile (over 40, 20 km from Agnita) or at Rucăr (20 km from Fagaras). 

They are special because of the floristic biodiversity, an attraction for geomorphologists and the subject of local legends and stories. A group of interesting glimee can be found in the south of the Transylvanian Highlands, in Șona. Locals call them ”guruieți” and they are absolutely spectacular. Some considered them as pyramids, Dacian vestiges, or mounds erected by Celts, but they are only natural wonders.

Their genesis is due to the massive landslides (glimee) produced approximately at the Pleistocene - Holocene (12,000 years ago). The detachment of several elongated steps (shafts) was followed by their stabilization, then by modeling (by surface erosion, shuffling, torrentiality, surface slip) and by the individualization of the blades.

Even if they are natural, the mounds do not lose their charm and are worth their visitors.

Visit the mounds hiking, cycling or horseback riding. 

For guided tours, call Guides or local agencies.

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