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Autumn lunch at the sheepfold and hiking in the highlands


Florești, Laslea, Sibiu


10 octombrie 2020, 10:00:00

Organized by:

Stâna de pe Coline

Our gates are wide open to welcome you for an outdoor rich lunch, with autumnal scent and an explosion of colors and tastes.

This lunch will be fairytale, filled with tasty autumn vegetables. After lunch, come with us on a hike! We will guide you on unbeaten trails - just come with the appropriate equipment (trekking footware, warm raincoat etc), so that you can enjoy every minute of it.

The food will be delicious:
- Various local cheeses, with divine textures
- Homemade meat products: spicy goat sausages, game salami, tender pastrami and other sheep specialities.
- Freshly stuffed peppers with bellows cheese.
- Traditional Ram stew "
- The famous balmoș from Stâna de pe Coline
- The legendary ricotta cake !!!
- Pancakes with plum jam, these will end quickly, grab them while they are on the table.

IMPORTANT: Picnicking is available to comply with the pandemic situation. Spacious pincnic baskets can be provided, as well as hints on the best spot to enjoy the food with a perfect scenery in the shade, on the hill, under the cherry plum.
The sheepfold also has a disinfection station.

How to register:
- on the event page, by reserving the place
- by private message, to our Facebook page
- telephone to Florin - the sheepfold owner: 0741 633 814

Adults: 60 lei / person,
Children up to 14 years, 30 lei / child.
The price includes full menu (appetizers, main course, dessert, as well as liqueurs served).

Details and bookings:

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