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A night at the Museum - Village edition - Discover Ghijasa de Sus


Ghijasa de Sus


2 septembrie 2023, 11:00:00

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Primăria Agnita prin Casa de Cultură „Ilarion Cocișiu” Agnita, Asociatia Valea Hârtibaciului, Protopopiatul Agnita, Muzeul de Istorie Valea Hârtibaciului, Comunitățile patrimoniale din podișul Hârtibaciului

Lost between the hills of the plateau, the village of Ghijasa de Sus offers an oasis of peace, where we will explore with the villagers the "table chest", the one in which they kept the most precious memories of the family and the village:
- public forum monuments - commemorative crosses erected in memory of the villagers who emigrated at the end of the century. XX in America - the personalities from the list of "10 Great Hârtibăceni";
– Ioan Sava Câmpineanu (1889-1921), aviation pioneer;
– Moisa Irod, the last elite rifleman from King Mihai's personal guard, at the age of 100;
- toponyms and aptonyms: Mormântul Mare and Cătană;
- reading from the manuscript "Looking to yesterday, yesterday", in which memories of the summers spent here as a child are evoked by the author.

For the first time, new evidence and tracks for the research of the biography of the priest Ioan Grigorievici the painter, led by Ioan Ovidiu Abrudan, following the results of previous researchers, who recorded the presence of the painter in several localities in Valea Hârtibaciului, near Benești, such as Cornățel, Copșa Mare, Fofeldea or Ghijasa de Sus. As far as Ghijasa de Sus is concerned, new data have been revealed, which were meant to confirm the function assumed by the priest Ioan Grigorievici the painter, i.e. the occupant, for almost four decades, of the Greek parish local Catholics. Such statements complete one of the most interesting biographies of Transylvanian artists at the beginning of the 19th century.

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