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Enjoy Daia!


Flanderhof Manor


24 septembrie 2023, 07:00:00

Organized by:

Asociația "HAI din pantofi în bocanci"

🛕In a story setting on September 24 we meet at Daia, at Flanderhof Manor, in the commune of Roșia, just outside Sibiu
🍀🌷 Here you can enjoy their beautiful garden, with over 280 species of plants and flowers.
🧀🍞 We have good spirits again, traditional snacks, activities for children and more.
🥫dinMarginime is with us with the well-known zacusca and sweets.
✨We have traditional play, craftsmen and skilled housewives.
The "Let's breathe Hârtibaciu" project is financed by the funds raised by runners and supporters through the Sibiu International Marathon 2023, a program of the Sibiu Community Foundation.

Details and bookings:

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