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Birds Race Hârtibaciu: 2024 edition




18 mai 2024, 09:00:00

Organized by:

Forum Peisaj Deschis, TRANS.FORT şi Moara Veche - Alte Mühle - Régi Malom - Old Mill

For the third year in a row, "Global Big Day" is taking place, an annual celebration of birds where the goal is to identify as many bird species as possible in just 24 hours!

The Hârtibaciu Plateau region is the largest and most important terrestrial protected area for birds in Romania. So, what better place to spend a day birdwatching with friends and contributing to citizen science?

To sign up, you need a team of 1 - 5 people, a team name, and ideally at least one person who has basic knowledge about birds (although it's not mandatory)! In previous years, whole families, couples, and friends participated, each with different levels of knowledge.

And it doesn't end there! TRANS.FORT is organizing "Night at the Museums" at the church in Apold, starting at 5:00 PM, with live music, activities, exhibitions, and refreshing drinks. This is where teams will meet after they finish their birdwatching, and where the trophy for the team with the most species observed will be awarded. There will also be other prizes for participants!

Sounds interesting? Join us and celebrate birds and nature!

Details and bookings:

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