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Cobor among the Oaktrees


Cobor Farm


3 iunie 2023, 06:00:00

Organized by:

Cobor - Ferma ecologică, Fundația Conservation Carpathia

Join us on June 3 and 4, to the Fall between the Oaks, the only event in Romania that you can experience with all your senses, in the middle of nature.
You descend between the centuries-old oaks and arrive at the Cobor Biodiversity Farm, among Transylvanian pastures and hills, at the crossroads of roads and history, in the oldest village in Șara Făgărașului, the village of Cobor.

Descend between the oaks and discover the most valuable natural pastures left in Europe. The five largest oak pastures in Romania (some with an area of over 1,000 ha) are all within a 20 km radius around the village of Cobor.
For two days we forget a little about the outside world. We enjoy the beauty of the place, we are grateful to nature, we dance and let ourselves be guided by history, music, dance and good cheer.

For those who have energy to consume, we are organizing the Carpathia Bike Tour, the 2nd edition, a cycling event that highlights the unique biodiversity of the Făgăraș Mountains and the Transylvanian Hills (the event will be announced in the coming days with all the details).

The event is organized by the Conservation Carpathia Foundation and the Cobor Biodiversity Farm, with the support of the OAK Foundation, in partnership with Majorel, the Transylmagica Association, Colinele Transilvaniei / Transylvanian Highlands and the Romanian Post.

Details and bookings:

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