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The Call of Plants - Dandelion


Alma Vii


20 aprilie 2024, 07:00:00

Organized by:

Andreea Moisa

You are invited to join a two-day workshop, on Saturday and Sunday, amidst the beautiful hills of Alma Vii, where you will collectively create the universe of the Dandelion.

During this event, you will have the opportunity to discover the remarkable qualities of the Dandelion, often underestimated by many, and to establish a profound connection with this wonderful plant. On the first day, you will explore the essence and consciousness of the plant, connecting with it through a tea ceremony, and learning to listen to its subtle messages. You will also study the personality of the Dandelion and its health benefits, while experiencing a special elixir carrying its vibrational signature. Finally, you will create an amulet to help maintain your connection with the plant throughout the night.

Throughout the workshop, you will delight in a balanced diet, based on fresh salads, Dandelion juices, and other light preparations, supporting the detoxification process of the body and facilitating the connection with the essence of the plant.

On the second day, you will co-create a series of healing products in a sacred space, including tinctures, Dandelion honey, oil, ointment, and syrup. Each participant will return home with a kit of products bearing the signature and gifts of the plant.

This event takes place at a unique energetic moment, as on April 21st, the conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus occurs, a rare alignment that happens once in a lifetime. It is an extraordinary opportunity to work with this energy to transform certain aspects of your life. Not coincidentally, the Dandelion corresponds to the planet Jupiter, bringing expansion and growth.

Details and bookings:

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