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1 year anniversary Brunch - Zestrea Fetei (Dowry of a Girl)




4 iunie 2022, 09:00:00

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Colecția Etnografică Zestrea Fetei

Join un at our 1 year anniversary brunch of Zestrea Fetei ("Dowry of a Girl") ethnographic collection.

We have prepared a special menu for you - Raclette Brunch.
Each meal will have its own raclette (mini table grill), where you can cook meat, vegetables, cheese, etc.
- Homemade pork meat
- Chicken meat (raised in a traditional farm)
- Homemade smoked bacon
- Red tomatoes, peppers, onions, zucchini, corn
- Cheese platter from local producers (white cheese: cow, sheep and goat)
- Garlic sauce
- Spicy and sweet tomato sauce
- Homemade traditional bread
- Pork snack
- Shortcakes: rhubarb or strawberry, traditional lichiu (hencleș, hanclich)
- Water
- Syrups: strawberry or elderflower
- Sweet Stewed Rhubarb
- Coffee
- Wine
- Pear brandy
- Beer

The entrance ticket includes everything listed above, a visit to the ethnographic collection Zestrea Fetei "Dowry of a Girl", surprises along the way and a symbolic gift at departure.

Adult ticket - 130 lei
Children's ticket (12-18 years old) -65 lei
Ticket for children up to 12 years old - free

Reservation and more details, at no. phone: 0760265032-Coralia Coste

Details and bookings:

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