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Self-knowledge workshop through Yoga&Ayurveda


Hotel Korona Sighisoara


18 februarie 2023, 08:30:00

Organized by:

YOGA in Transylvania, Mandala - Yoga Center

Did you know that some sports, types of physical activity, or even styles of yoga that you really enjoy might be less beneficial for you?
🥗 Did you know that certain healthy foods may not be suitable for your constitution?
🤔 Did you know that by observing the way your mind works you can learn how to reach a mental, emotional and physical balance faster?
🧘🏻‍♂️ Yoga and Ayurveda, two thousand of years old sciences and practices, are complementary, often intertwining and we cannot find and maintain a balance by practicing or applying only the principles of one of them.
They intertwine in a fascinating way, and their deepening from the perspective that I propose in the workshop will answer many questions to which, perhaps, some of us have not found answers for a long time.
✨ What will you be left with after the workshop:
- you will identify what kind of yoga practice and physical activity, in general, are suitable for you and which ones may create more discomfort for you
- you will learn what type of foods or preparations bring and support your balance according to your Ayurvedic typology
- you will identify your mental and emotional patterns
- you will receive some techniques for balancing and calming the mind in overwhelming situations (anxiety, panic attacks, burnout, lethargy, depression)
✨The workshop will be structured as follows:
1. What is Ayurveda, identifying your own Ayurvedic constitutional typology and how we apply these principles in everyday life
2. Practice yoga to activate the inner fire and calm the restless mind. In Ayurveda, a balanced inner fire means a strong immune system
3. Question and answer session on specific situations, while enjoying a warm herbal tea.
❕ You need:
- loose clothing
- you can bring your own yoga mat or we can provide you with one
- you can bring a notebook and a pen if you want to write down what you feel suits you
- in the link below, you can take the test to find out your Ayurvedic constitution and know which information is right for you:
💰 Contribution: 108 lei
Registering and reserving your place is done by filling out the form below and paying the contribution to the account you will receive after registration.
🖋 Registration form:
Location: Mandala Yoga Center Sighisoara (Korona Hotel)
You're welcome,
Anca and Mirela

Details and bookings:

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