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June 1st, Children's Day, at the sheepfold


Stâna de pe Coline, Florești, Laslea


1 iunie 2021, 09:00:00

Organized by:

Stâna de pe Coline

On June 1st, we open wide the gates of the sheepfold, we do not let the lambs out, but we receive families with small and big children to have a great day outdoors.

We are waiting for you with a guided tour of the sheepfold, where you can caress the gentle animals we have and learn how to take care of them or how we manage with so many "cubs" in the yard.
We have sheep with lambs, goats with goatlings, shy dogs that long to be pampered and spoiled (they will snif any possible reward that might falls from your table) hens and roosters with beautiful voices, cats and calves, a naughty young horse that runs very fast around the sheepfold. We still have bsome pearl hens and cows grazing quietly.

Then we sit down at the table, and the children will help us to assemble the pancakes with sweet or salty urda / riccotta cream. We'll have a small workshop of pancakes folding.

Next, a rich and tasteful lunch: delicious stew made out of local ingredients.
All that food needs some exercise for a better digestion so we take a guided hike around the sheepfold. We climb the highlands and cool off in the nearby forest. Also during our walk we gather wood for the campfire.
The little ones will have a sweet surprise at the end of the day.
It's going to be a super-super day, with a lot of good cheer!

Time schedule:
-12: 00 Arrival sprinkled with lemonade
- 12:30 Guided tour of the sheepfold
- 14:00 Pancake workshop + lunch
- 16:00 Walk around the sheepfold
- 18:00 Campfire with surprise

Price: 80 lei / adult, 40 lei / child starting with the age of five.
Registrations are made only on WhatsApp at the phone number 0727691276, until May 25, 2021, at 24:00.

Details and bookings:

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