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Thousands of butterflies

The Transylvanian Highlands are home to various species of butterflies and most importantly, here you can find all 5 species of community interest. The best time to enjoy their presence is from May to July.

Playful or more shy, thousands of butterflies will accompany you on your walks through the Transylvanian Highlands. Give them a little of your attention and they will fill your soul with joy.

Here you can download a brochure with more information about butterflies in the area Fluturi-Pajiști-Uscate-RO-min

How to visit: In search of butterflies it is best to walk or cycle, on the marked routes that leave each village. No visit fee - for guided tours, call Local guides or agencies

Maculinea,Florentina Florescu.jpg

Photo credit:

Florentina Florescu, Fundația Adept Transilvania

The Jersey tiger (Callimorpha quadripunctaria)

Fenton's wood white (Leptidea major morsei)

The large copper (Lycaena disappear rutila)

The marsh fritillary (Euphydryas aurinia)

Scarce Large Blue (Maculinea teleius)

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