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Support the destination

Do you like the project for developing the ecotourism destination Transylvania Hills? 

Here's how you can support it: 

Spend the night in accommodations that are ecotourism friendly - details here 

Visit local artisans and buy authentic souvenirs from the villages you visit

Taste, order and ask for local products - details here

 Use local craftsmen from Transylvanian Highlands 

Donate for the trail maintenance efforts, for marking of new tourist routes, as well as for educational activities we implement here, in the dedicated account:

  • IBAN: RO63 BACX 0000 0024 8375 8000  

  • Account holder: Asociația Colinele Transilvaniei

  • Please mention the village/town or segment of the trails you want to support

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Photo Credit:

Daniel Secărescu, Cristi Radu, Sorin Onișor

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