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Dominic Boutique Cloașterf

Cloasterf No 20, Cloașterf 547511, Romania

Few things can compare with staying overnight in a 1775 house in a Transylvanian Saxon village. 

The Dominic Boutique cottages in Cloașterf are idyllic, quiet, romantic and surrounded by unspoiled nature. Behind the barn there is a small old apple orchard and further, as you go up the hill, you will run into a forest that lies on top. In front of the property the benefic water sound of the Cimas creek is a longtime presence. 

The cottages have been renovated with love , following local traditions and motifs, so visitors can enjoy the result. Most of the furniture here is hundreds of years old; it has been restored slowly, with care, as a hommage for the new life they got.

A energizing walk on the neighbouring hills or a peaceful afternoon reading under a walnut tree , a charming picnic escapade or a more dearing visit to the local farms, a wine tasting at the sunset or a midnight falling stars watch , these are only a few of the treats you can easily be part of, if you wish so.

+40 722 291 234

Dominic Boutique, Experience Transylvania

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