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Tinnen Marz Hof Guesthouse

nr 119

The guest house of the number 119 is named after a former owner, a butcher with a large family, among the richest in the village. His son, the last member of the family who lived in the house, Georg, married the cousin of the most famous man in Richiș nowadays, the curator of the church, Johann Schaas. Georg had a bar in the backyard of the house with a music box, so the music was ubiquitous in the house. The years of communism find the house as the administrative headquarters of the cooperative or as a kindergarten. Today the house has been restored with great attention to details and stories that these walls have witnessed dying. All this and many other events worthy of the script of a movie you will find out if you are staying here. 

You have 5 rooms and 9 places.


Experience Transylvania

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