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Camping De Oude Wilg "Salcia Bătrână"

str. Prund 40, Cârța 557070, Romania

The campsite "Salcia Bătrână" (De oude wilg) is ideal for a long stay, but also for those who just want to spend the night and go on, whether they are with a tent, trailer or camper van.

Children have a playground and adults can test the small library. The campsite is equipped with a kitchen with the possibility to cook (induction hobs, microwave) and to wash dishes, but also with a special place for a barbecue. The bathroom is equipped with toilets, showers with hot water at all times, without additional payment, but with the understanding that we do not waste water.

Pets are welcome.

The hosts, Manette and Tudor will always greet you with a smile and with great suggestions for discovering the surroundings of the village and beyond. 

+40 723 186 343

Camping Salcia Bătrână

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